The International Conference on Physician Health Addresses Doctor Exhaustion and Burnout in an Effort to Lower Medical Malpractice Claims in Canada

The subject of this year’s International Conference on Physician Health concerned burnout and exhaustion among doctors. A joint event that took place in Montreal, Quebec, the conference focused its efforts on coming up with solutions to the stress that doctors around the world encounter due to long hours, myriad demands, dwindling resources, and the stress associated with making life-and-death decisions.

According to Dr. Jane Lemaire, clinical professor of medicine and vice chair of physician ellness and vitality of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary in Alberta, the state of the health care system in Canada and other countries can directly be attributed to the well-being of doctors. And, while Canada and other countries have done much to improve  the health of their doctors, much work still remains to be done to avoid mistakes and medical malpractice claim. While stress will always abound in the medical profession where doctors must work long hours and make difficult decisions, the aim of the conference in Montreal has attempted to address the obstacle of the reluctance of doctors to acknowledge their own health issues and diminish the stigma and professional repercussions of admitting health problems. Accepting the role of patent does not come easy for doctors.

Efforts by Various Provinces to Minimise the Effect of Doctors’ Health Needs

Canada has been recognized as a world leader in the field of paying more attention to the health needs of its doctors. For example, some of the programs Canada has recently initiated include the following.

  • The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has a strong physician monitoring program to make sure that doctors comply with treatment for any medical conditions that might affect their practices.
  • The Alberta Medical Association’s Physician and Family Support Program has been frequently praised for efforts to assist medical professionals as well as their immediate family members in dealing with doctors’ medical conditions.
  • Quebec has a excellent education and outreach program to address fatigue management and work-life balance issues for its doctors.
  • National efforts have been initiated by the CMA and the Canadian Medical Foundation to address the lack of accreditation of provincial physician health programs and standardisation.

Unfortunately, one annual international conference cannot eliminate all medical malpractice that occurs as a result of doctor burnout and fatigue, but progress is being made. And while perfection is not possible in any profession, with the efforts of Canadian medical institutions and the worldwide goal to assist doctors in health care management, the future looks bright for addressing these problems and diminishing the instances of medical malpractice as a result.

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