New Developments in Cerebral Palsy Treatment Help Muscle Spasms

A new development in the treatment of cerebral palsy may assist caregivers and physicians in the treatment of cerebral palsy victims. This new development involves the use of an innovative pump to deliver the drug Baciofen (lioresal) directly into a cerebral palsy patient’s spinal fluid. Baciofen is used for muscle relaxation, and until now, its use has posed some problems for certain patients due to the need for the drug to be taken orally. With the advent of the pump delivery, Baciofen offers hope for many cerebral palsy victims to gain some relief from the discomfort of stiff muscles and the pain associated with the condition. The Baclofen pump is subcutaneously implanted in the abdomen and delivers the drug directly into the patient’s spinal fluid.

Previous to the pump, only a few cerebral palsy patients have been able to tolerate the drug. Most treatment for cerebral palsy patients is aimed at settling spastic muscles to ease the discomfort of the condition. Baclofen does relief muscle spasms in some patients, but unfortunately, many cerebral palsy patients who tried the drug suffered severe side effects due to the fact that the drug had to be takenorally in pill form. This means that the drug affects the brain as well as the spine — the target area— and causes confusion and sedation in some patients. Some patients who have tried the drug to combat cerebral palsy symptoms have had to discontinue the use of it due to these side effects. Thanks to the new pump delivery system, physicians, and caregivers of cerebral palsy victims have a resource to assist their efforts.

Cerebral Palsy Is Most Often the Result of a Birth Injury

Cerebral palsy is most often the result of a birth injury. Most often attributed to a lack of oxygen to a baby’s brain during labor and delivery, cerebral palsy is a permanent condition affecting the central nervous system and the brain. Sometimes the condition is the result of medical negligence which provides the option of filing a medical negligence lawsuit that can help with the expenses that result
from having to deal with the situation. And while a settlement or jury verdict cannot truly compensate a family, it can help pay for the extensive ongoing medical expenses, therapies and other needs for caring for a loved one with cerebral palsy.

Contact an Experienced Ottawa Personal Injury Attorney to Determine If your Cerebral Palsy Case is Eligible for Compensation

Innovative, therapies like the Bacclofen pump can improve the quality of life of those dealing with cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, the cost of the pump, in addition to other therapies can be staggering. As a parent or caregiver of a cerebral palsy victim who has the condition due to a birth injury, you do have some options. If your loved one has cerebral palsy due to a mistake or error made during delivery, you are entitled to financial assistance from the at-fault party. Contact an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer to determine what compensation you may be eligible for.

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