Canadian Researchers Discover that Non-Traditional Therapies Work as Well As Traditional Therapies

Canadian researchers have discovered that cerebral palsy sufferers benefit greatly from the addition of some non-traditional forms of therapy that don’t necessarily focus exclusively on the sufferer’s physical condition. While treatments like muscle massages to loosen spasms, speech therapies to facilitate social skills and communication, and tutoring to teach basic academic skills are helpful to cerebral palsy sufferers, Canadian researchers found that there are other therapies that can work as well.

Environmental Altercations Offer Cerebral Palsy Sufferers Additional Opportunities to Refine Fine Motor Skills

For example, just altering the environment of cerebral palsy patients in certain ways offers them other options to develop new skills. According to, in one experiment, children with cerebral palsy were able to hone fine motor skills through an altercation to the environment that allowed these children to independently feed themselves cheerios. Noticing that most cerebral palsy children have difficulty grasping items, one therapist tried putting peanut butter on the fingers of the children, which allowed them to pick up the cheerios by causing them to stick to their fingers. Once the children were able to master this method for feeding themselves, the therapist used that success to keep the children learning and developing the required motor skills to pick up food without the use of the peanut butter.

From this particular study, researchers determined that “treatments that focus on the child and treatments that focus on the environment both enjoy the same rate of success.” Consequently, parents of cerebral palsy sufferers are encouraged to tailor treatment options to the specific needs of their child. Great success can occur from treatments that center on the environment as well as treatments that center on the child to enrich the lives of cerebral palsy sufferers and their caregivers.

With the variety of treatments available today to cerebral palsy patients, everything from innovative muscle massage treatments to devices that stimulate muscles through the use of electrical pulse, the future looks brighter and brighter for those with the condition. Even severe sufferers of cerebral palsy are finding relief through the inventiveness of therapists and researchers willing to experiment with treatment options.

Compensation May be Available to Cerebral Palsy Sufferers in Cases of Negligence

However, regardless of treatment method used, cerebral palsy therapy is expensive. And, sometimes, when negligence of a physician is responsible for the condition, parents and patients may be entitled to compensation for damages. The sum of awards gained by cerebral palsy claimants may include monies for the use of treatment and therapies throughout the life of a cerebral palsy patient. If you believe that your child’s cerebral palsy was the result of negligence, you should consider consulting with a personal injury lawyer experienced in birth injury litigation to determine your rights and any damage compensation you might be entitled to.

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