Study of Brain Injury Treatment Supplement Found to be Disappointing

A recent study of a new brain injury treatment supplement that the US military hoped would assist wounded soldiers proved to be a disappointment. Marketed as a memory booster in over-the-counter powders and drinks online, citicoline (CDP choline) has been widely used by doctors to treat traumatic brain injuries and strokes in dozens of countries. Until the time of the subject study, the evidence of whether or not the supplement actually worked was mixed.

With high hopes of a breakthrough treatment for brain injury sufferers, US scientists anticipated that the use of CDP in high doses would speed recovery of patients who suffer brain injuries as a result of sports accidents, car crashes, and other high impact head injury situations. But, unfortunately, after rigorous testing of the supplement, it was found that CDP did not work any better than placebo treatments in the reduction of attention problems, forgetfulness, or lack of concentration difficulties among brain injury patients.

Dr. Ross Zafonte, lead author of the Journal of American Medical Association study results and Harvard Medical School traumatic brain injury expert said, “We very much were disappointed. We took a therapy that is utilized worldwide and we found that at least its present uses should be called into question.” Dr. Zafonte’s study involved 1,213 brain injury patients aged 18 and older who were hospitalized with mild to severe traumatic brain injuries and were suffering from symptoms that range from dizziness to loss of consciousness as well as complications of brain bleeding and other traumatic brain damage.

Brain Injury Supplement Study Results

One-half of the 1,213 patients received CDP within 24 hours of their injury. The test subjects were given a much higher dose of the supplement than is normally taken and continued to take the supplement daily for three months. The remainder of the brain injury group was given a placebo, and all patients were keep track of for six months. While most all of the patients saw improvements in memory mental functions and learning, those who received the supplement did not fare any better than those who received the placebo. Seventy-three of the patients died during the study in approximately equal numbers within the two groups.

Millions of Canadians suffer from traumatic brain injuries annually. In the US, one-million Americans are afflicted with a traumatic brain injury each year, resulting in 53,000 deaths. Since 2000, 250,000 American soldiers have been diagnosed with brain injuries during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Had the use of CDP proved successful in reducing the time to recuperate from brain injuries, soldiers and their families would have had much to celebrate. Even though the eagerly anticipated citicoline results were disappointing to military scientists, other nutrients like zinc and fatty acids are now being studied that may hold some promise for faster brain injury recovery. Until the results of these studies come in, brain injury patients will have to continue waiting for a breakthrough.

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