Brain Injury Recovery Rates Vary Depending Upon Severity of the Injury

A brain injury is a medical condition that causes not only career problems, but relationship problems as well. Rather common injuries among athletes, brain injuries are often seen in reference to contact sports like football, soccer, and hockey and require a long recovery period. And, when it comes to the recovery from a traumatic brain injury, there are a number of factors that influence the recovery of such an event. In instances where a person suffers a brain injury, there are some specific actions his or her loved ones can take to assist in his or her recuperation.

Factors that Affect the Recovery Period of Brain Injury Victims

The support of family after a traumatic brain injury can influence a victim’s recovery period. With his or her family surrounding him or her, a brain injury victim will regain lost cognitive abilities and motor skill function more quickly. By providing emotional support during this difficult time, the patient’s family can offer their loved one the important recovery incentive to reach future goals. Family participation in the recovery process of a traumatic brain injury helps the injured party set realistic goals and expectations as well as boost self-esteem to assist in recovery.

Intensity and Duration of Rehabilitation Affect Brain Injury Recovery

In addition to family support, the intensity and duration of brain injury rehabilitation influences the recovery period for brain injury victims. Patients who go through extensive and intense rehabilitation are more likely see a speedier recovery period, which enables him or her to get back to regular activities within a few weeks or few months of the incident that resulted in the brain injury. If a brain injury patient participates in rehabilitation every day or a few times a week, then he or she will inevitably have a faster recovery period, as opposed to someone that only participates in rehabilitation sessions once a week. Patients who are committed to ongoing, extensive rehabilitation after leaving hospital will experience significantly less recovery time than those who are not as diligent.

A brain injury patient who wants to recover from a brain injury quickly needs to maintain a determined attitude through the recovery period. This means that he or she needs to attend rehabilitation and therapy rehabilitation sessions as much as possible, and also be willing to participate in multiple sessions a day if needed. The kind of rehabilitation brain injury victims will need to overcome the effects of a brain injury and the duration of the rehabilitation will vary, depending upon location and severity of the brain injury. A patient who has suffered a brain injury must also realize that his or her battle against depression and other negative feelings will be dispelled if he or she commits to an intense rehabilitation program.

Severity of a Brain Injury Affects Brain Injury Recovery Periods

Finally, the severity of a brain injury is the most important factor influencing the recovery period for a brain injury victim. If the brain injury is severe, the patient is likely to have been in a coma for a long period of time. A lengthy coma can hinder brain function. In addition, the location of the brain injury will determine the severity and be a factor in determining the recovery time. If damage to the frontal lobes of the brain is present, the injury to the brain will be greater and will increase the chance that not all previous brain function will return. A brain injury victim will have a longer road to recovery with a brain injury on or near the frontal lobe, since the frontal lobe is responsible for a lot of behavioral and cognitive skills. A mild brain injury will result in a recovery period that is significantly less, allowing the patient to return to regular activities within weeks of the injury.

Contact an Ottawa Brain Injury Lawyer for an Evaluation of Your Brain Injury Case

A brain injury, mild or severe, is an injury that can result in major financial sacrifice. And, if that brain injury is the result of the negligence or carelessness of another, you may have the right to sue that individual or institution in order to recoup compensation for your medical and rehabilitative expenses. If live in Ottawa and think you may have a brain injury lawsuit, contact an experienced Ottawa brain injury lawyer for an evaluation of your case.

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