Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Brain Injury can Easily Result in Major Brain Damage

A brain injury is any physical trauma to the head that results in damage to the brain. Causing a disruption to the normal functioning of your brain, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the leading cause of death for Canadians under age 45. Brain injuries range from mild to severe, with symptoms...
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Rare Urea Cycle Disorder May be Reversible with a Liver Cell Transplant Procedure Performed during Infancy

A rare urea cycle disorder that approximately 50 Canadian babies are born with each year has responded well to an experimental liver cell transplant procedure. Decreasing the chance of brain damage, the procedure may offer sufferers of the disorder the chance to live normal lives. Just last month, Calgary physicians performed the procedure...
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Birth Injuries are Rare Occurrences

A rare occurrence, a birth injury has serious consequences for families and delivering physicians. Called a birth injury or birth trauma, a birth process when a baby is hurt happens approximately six to eight times in every 1,000 births. Birth injuries can occur for a variety of reasons that include the size...
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